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Punch on the oldman Punch on the oldman

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

over all i really like this the animation is well done. while agree with the other person who reviewed... some audio would be nice. buuuut its not a big deal to me. getting good free audio and sfx can be a pain and the dick... unless youre good at doing it yourself... which i am not haha.
id have to say my only gripe would be that i feel the actual punch... or maybe the old man flying when hes hit... seems to be just a little bit too fast and might look a little better with a couple extra inbetweens. maybe its just my eyes or the fact that its a loop so thats what im seeing.
but over all: great job. keep up the good work man!

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Kirzap responds:

Thx for the encouragement and...well yes, all you wrote was right. In my next animation experiments I'll work harder on the fluidity and timing and...well..I guess I should study something on how to create and put some audio in flash...