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over all i really like this the animation is well done. while agree with the other person who reviewed... some audio would be nice. buuuut its not a big deal to me. getting good free audio and sfx can be a pain and the dick... unless youre good at doing it yourself... which i am not haha.
id have to say my only gripe would be that i feel the actual punch... or maybe the old man flying when hes hit... seems to be just a little bit too fast and might look a little better with a couple extra inbetweens. maybe its just my eyes or the fact that its a loop so thats what im seeing.
but over all: great job. keep up the good work man!

Kirzap responds:

Thx for the encouragement and...well yes, all you wrote was right. In my next animation experiments I'll work harder on the fluidity and timing and...well..I guess I should study something on how to create and put some audio in flash...

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pretty entertaining game. the design was done well. the aiming system it pretty good. there were a couple times it seemed to go slightly too far to the left or to the right... the game s still very much playable.
one suggestion i would have would be to have a fast forward button for after you make your shot in order to speed things up!

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I fucking love this! Im hoping i can get a chance to try animating this! (Mosly for practice) Its like something straight out of "fear and loathing in las vegas". The voice acting and the writing are great and with the backing track it perfectly paints an image of whats going on. Very very cool. I can dig it.

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haha nice. very cool little montser. ''boob'' was a nice touch!
this reminds me somewhat of the art on the game "cranium''
honestly i guess i dont have much of anything bad to say about it.
the only thing im confused about is why its saying boob (singular)

HugoVRB responds:

I like that art style a lot and I hope one day I can create a product or game with my characters :)

He doesn't know how to pluralize words.
I guess they don't teach you that in monster school.

this is awesome. i love the depth that this has to it. the shading was done really well and its a very clean piece all together.
also awesome twist on an old scooby-do character

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